2019 Grant Cycle Opens March 29

The Hesston Community Foundation (HCF), an affiliate of Central Kansas Community Foundation (CKCF), was established to assist in providing resources for a broad range of existing and future charitable needs in the Hesston, Kansas area. HCF supports the mission of Hesston, Kansas, by granting funds to worthy organizations that strive to help Hesston become a better place for all area citizens, now and in the future.


Approximately $32,000 in grant monies are available for distribution this year through the Hesston Community Foundation Grant cycle.

  • The Hesston Community Foundation Impact Fund has $23,000 to be awarded for the purpose of supporting charitable project/programs that benefit those in the Hesston community.
  • The Kansas Health Foundation Fund-Hesston Fund has approximately $8,000 to underwrite solutions to local health issues and for the protection and promotion of the health and well-being of individuals and their communities through the encouragement of healthy lifestyles, behaviors, and environments. The amount requested and types of project/programs that apply will determine the number of grants and amounts to be awarded.


Qualified applicants must possess a 501(c)(3) status under the Internal Revenue Service code, be exempt under statute (i.e. educational institution, church, a city or county), or be formally linked to an organization with such designation. Management of the organization should be in the hands of reliable, ethical, and experienced personnel. If the organization was funded in the previous year they MUST submit a follow-up report. Grants may not be awarded retroactively for project/programs. Please ensure that the project/program will not occur until after grants are estimated to be made. If the project/program has already happened or will happen prior to when grants will be made, it is not eligible. The project/program must be completed by Friday, February 28, 2020, unless other considerations are shared prior to project/program completion.

Link to open applications: Click Here